Dear Hearthstone Dungeon Master

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Dear Hearthstone Dungeon Master,

I played the Dead Man’s Hand, today, on another Dead Man’s Hand, and an Aleatoric Cube... again. (Don't read into it. The ointment's working. Thanks for asking. ;-) :-\ I know, I knowwwww: when others ask, ‘Why?’ I don’t always have to ask, ‘Why not?’ I know! I know. Soooo, anywayyy, there I was, at some point, playing, far-far-far-too-many cubes, thinking about, Primer, and how, if that movie had had a baby with, The Cube, it would look a lot like Hearthstone - Hey! It'sa Dungeon!? \o/ - when I realized how many valuable lessons you've taught me about Life: (Disclaimer: Of course, the Rounds aren’t real. Can we move on, please?) Round One Doesn’t matter Round Two A choice that doesn’t matter Round Three Depends on Round Four.? Round Four It matters. Because of Round Two.?! Still. Not sure you would have made it... Probably? Doesn’t Matter. At all. Playin' tic-tac-toe Everyone knows how to win But F.U. Kay!? I'd like to play.</[A.Game.]/>.anyway.

How about another Round, you cruel, cruel temptress? Love, Hate, -Saf

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