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Sunborn Rising - Dust jacket-sm_edited.p

Sunborn Rising:

Beneath the Fall

Award winning novel. Award winning author. Award winning art. All-ages fantasy.

"Stunning. Awe-inspiring. Revolutionary... an instant fantasy classic."

BlueInk Review


"...a unique world with interesting characters and a fascinating story that keeps the reader hooked from beginning to end." 

San Francisco Book Review

"Safronoff shines in his ability to render such an innovative and textured literary work."

Pacific Book Review

hard cover, paperback, Kindle, or Audible

Cerulean is on the brink of collapse. The decay wasn't fast, it wasn't obvious, but now the world stands on the precipice.


Woven forests floating on an ocean around a star, Cerulean's once vibrant treescape has grown dim over generations of arboreal life, and the creatures of the forest have forgotten the light.

Barra, a young, willful Listlespur, finds her late father's hidden journal, and reads about his discovery of Cerulean's brighter past and the mysterious plague he believed has all but destroyed it. He warned the Elders. He urged them to take action. Those were his last words...

Together with her two best friends, Barra will rekindle her father's legacy and traverse the Great Forest to relight her world, even if she has to travel beneath the Fall.

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