Trysting Place


A silly little love song? Maybe. I mean, I was in love, and confused, and perhaps twenty years old. My girlfriend at the time didn’t want to be, but she was confused like me, and didn’t know how to say goodbye. I think she loved me. I’m sure I loved her.

Chasing her; I wrote this poem, framed it, and gave it to her. I hope she still has it today, but even if she doesn’t, it will always be hers.

I don’t write poetry anymore. Don’t think it suits me. :-)

Trysting Place

It all starts with a whisper

Against a window

A warm breath against the pane

A shadow against the rain

And no one’s here to hear

No one’s on the other side

To feel my inside

And where are you

It all begins with a whisper

In the wind

An echo behind the glass

A soft silhouette in the grass

And no one’s there to hear

No one’s on the other side

To feel me from the inside

And where are you

It all ends with a whisper

In our hearts

A hand against my face

A face against my hand

And you are everywhere from here

We’re on the other side

Feeling us inside

And where we are

We are

©2020 by Aaron Safronoff

Designed by Kiel Kreatives

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