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Writing for me, has always been a visual art form,words focusing and directing the mind's eye from one image to the next. I want the reader to see these beautiful people as I see them; natural wonders of my world.


Short Stories

Sometimes a short story is all you need, potent, and thought-provoking: a brief encounter that holds your imagination for a lifetime.
(If I'm lucky :-P)


What can I say? Gnomes. I've got them. They wander around my mind, turning over stones and lurking in corners I've left behind. Talkative and curious, they'll explore almost any thought... explore, and of course, pick at it until we're all dizzy-nauseous, exhausted, or both.
Gnomes: they're a fun bunch.

Works in Progress

Sunborn Rising:

Book 2

 WIP: Working Title: Wake

The exciting second volume of the trilogy!


Read the first... first. 


Cota, a fantasy world where society casts its memories in clay; curios, when touched, that allow a person to experience a memory in vivid detail. It's a powerful taboo to touch another's memories without permission, much less, destroy or steal them. But there are some who would prefer events be forgotten, and for the right price, even the past can change.   

Cold Storage

“What will we do when they realize -- when the FEW realize they no longer need the MANY? Why should they share resources, when they can have it all? Go ahead sheep! Sleep in virtual reality if you want, but don't be surprised when they come to pull the plug." 

The Last Madman   

"Safronoff beautifully and vividly portrays this fictional world and the characters that populate it...


A fun, unique tale with a lot to offer readers looking for something different from standard fantasy fare."

Kirkus Reviews on Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall

Published Novels

Published 2013




Published 2011, 2nd Edition 2016


paperback & Kindle


Published 2016


paperback & Kindle

Fallen Spire

Sunborn Rising:
Beneath the Fall

Published 2016


hard cover, paperback,
immersive app,

& Kindle

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